Occupations and carreers

A) Match the correct definition to the following professions.

a)     A man or boy who acts in play or films

b)    A persona who studies the ancient societies

c)     A person who is good in painting, drawing and making beautiful things

d)    A person whose job is to stop fire burning

e)     Somebody whose job is to manage part or all of a Company or other organization.

f)      A person who brings letters, parcels and telegrams.

g)     A person who plays the piano.

h)    One who teaches

i)       A doctor who cuts into the body to remove diseased parts or to set right broken bones.

j)       Somebody who flies an airplane.

k)     A person who gets coal from under the ground.

l)       A person who cheks in ano ut books and gives advice on what to read.

m)  A person whose job is to cook in a restaurant.

n)    A person whose job is to treat sick animals.


  1. Firefighter   (  )
  2. Surgeon   (  )
  3. Pilot   (  )
  4. Office manager   (  )
  5. Actor   (  )
  6. Artist   (  )
  7. Postman   (  )
  8. Teacher   (  )
  9. Archaeologist   (  )
  10. Pianist   (  )
  11. Vet   (  )
  12. Librarian   (  )
  13. Chef   (  )
  14. Miner   (  )


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